Teresa Answers Your Questions
"At Christmas Time"   (Sep 2005)

Q:  MARTHA:   My children fell in love with your Christmas album and cannot find it anywhere. Ours wore out from constant use. Will there be, by any chance, a reissue of it on CD? I hope so. Thanks.

A:  TERESA:   "The album, 'At Christmas Time,' was reissued on vinyl and on cassette in the 1980s and I think there already is a CD out of it, too. The CD has a different title than 'At Christmas Time,' though. I'm very pleased to hear that you liked it so!"

Additional notes:  The original "At Christmas Time," issued in 1957, contained 14 songs, and it was re-released intact in 1985 on the Signature label with the same title. In 1993, MCA reissued an abbreviated version of the album (ten songs) in compact disc and cassette formats under the title, "Down the Holiday Trail." On the front cover of the original 1957 version of the album, Teresa is pictured with her three young daughters, Kathleen, Susan and Megan. (Michelle hadn't been born at the time.) In the 1985 reissue, young Denis, Ian and Brendan Ahearn pose with grandmother Teresa for the cover photo, replacing the girls. (The original 1957 cover, with the three girls, was pictured on the back side of the 1985 album jacket.)

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