Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Rhode Island Redhead"   (Sep 2005)

Q:  W. A. SMITH:   I found your website and just had to say I have enjoyed your music for many, many years. I believe that my first memory of your singing was a little song called "I'm a Rhode Island Redhead from Pawtucket" ("Rhode Island Redhead.") There were other songs later but I was naive enough to believe you really were a redhead from Pawtucket. I have long been fascinated by pretty red-haired women. I saw your picture and was hopelessly smitten. Have loved you and your singing for over 50 years; still have many of your recordings but not the "Pawtucket" number. God bless you and stay sweet and old-fashioned.

A:  TERESA:   "Thanks so much! No, I am not a Rhode Island redhead by any means but for many years my hair was red. For those years I guess I was an Ohio redhead from Toledo, but no songs were written about those years. (laughs) 'Rhode Island Redhead' was a cute song but I don't think it was a hit. I'm always flabbergasted by the number of people who remember it!"

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