Teresa Answers Your Questions
Thoughts on Your "London" Songs?   (Sep 2005)

Q:  THEO (London, ENGLAND):   What do you think of your London songs? Were you glad to move to Coral? I think you are brilliant.

A:  TERESA:   "Thanks so much, Theo! I thought a lot of the London songs were children's songs, really. 'Punky Punkin,' 'Cincinnati Dancing Pig,' 'Molasses, Molasses,' 'Choo'n Gum,' songs like that. I guess people at the label thought they were commercial so they kept giving them to me to record. While I was at London, however, I recorded with many outstanding and accomplished musicians, even on the songs I have just mentioned. That was wonderful, to be able to sing with such fantastic Dixieland jazz accompaniment.

"I was pleased to move to Coral because, for one thing, they had state-of-the-art recording equipment that a lot of the other labels didn't have at the time. Also, I got to meet Bob Thiele when I was at the label! He produced most of the hits I had with Coral. And when I married him in 1972, he helped me get back to my jazz roots and I recorded some of my favorite albums during that time with Bob producing.

"When I was at Coral, I preferred ballads to novelty, up-tempo songs. I preferred 'Till I Waltz Again with You' and 'A Tear Fell' over 'Skinnie Minnie' and 'A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl.' Still, I'm pleased that the record-buying people liked both the slow and the fast numbers!"

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