Teresa Answers Your Questions
Box Set of Coral Recordings   (Sep 2005)

Q:  GARY (Detroit, MI, USA):   Hi, Teresa! I have been a fan of yours forever and have a huge collection of your records, including many 78s that are still in mint-collectors' condition! You have probably been asked this question a thousand times, but I haven't seen an answer to it. I'd like to know, when in the world will there be a box set of your Coral recordings? I would so love to have a collection of ALL of your recordings and it seems that all that is available are compilations with mostly the same songs on them. I'd particularly love to see a collection that contains many of your single B-side recordings. Thank you for enriching my life with your wonderful music!

A:  TERESA:   "I really can't answer your question, Gary, because I don't know. Every so often there is talk about a box set of the old Coral and London songs, but it has never gotten beyond that stage, at least not yet. You never know, though. There may be one released when we least expect it!"

Additional notes:  In the United Kingdom in early 2005, three Teresa Brewer compilations were issued featuring songs recorded between 1949 and 1954. One of them, "Teresa Brewer: Longing for You" on the Sepia label has 28 tracks, including many B-sides. If there is ever any indication that a box set of Teresa's recordings is "in the works," you can be assured that it will be announced here on the website.

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