Teresa Answers Your Questions
Songs of Harry Warren   (Jul 2005)

Q:  "JODONNE2":   I love the "American Music Box Vol 2" CD. You do a great job with the songs of Harry Warren. Do you have any other CDs similar to that one?

A:  TERESA:   "There is another album out that features the songs of Irving Berlin ("American Music Box Vol 1.") That album contains one of the most beautiful songs Mr. Berlin ever wrote. It's called 'Russian Lullaby' and is a simply lovely song. Oh, on another of the songs on the album, I made shoe-tapping sounds with my tongue! (laughs) The song ("Isn't It a Lovely Day?") was done by Fred Astaire in some movie musical, I think, and in the middle, I did some tongue tapping as a tribute to him!"

Additional notes:  "Isn't It a Lovely Day (to Be Caught in the Rain)?" was introduced by Fred Astaire the 1935 motion picture musical, Top Hat. Bing Crosby revived "Russian Lullaby," which was written in 1927, in the motion picture musical, Blue Skies (MGM, 1946).

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