Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Bobby's Girl" / Debbie Reynolds   (Jun 2005)

Q:  ROBERT MORRISSEY:   Did you sing a song with the words "I want to be Bobby's girl..." in it? Did you ever work with Debbie Reynolds? Thanks.

A:  TERESA:   "No, I never recorded a song with that line ('I want to be Bobby's girl.') It sounds vaguely familiar but I'm sure that I never sang it. I did do a song about a 'Bobby' but it wasn't this one. And, no, I never worked with Debbie Reynolds. However, my husband, Bob Thiele (although I wasn't married to him at the time,) produced her big, big hit record, 'Tammy,' in the 1950s."

Additional notes:  The song with the words in question was "Bobby's Girl," a #3 hit in 1962 for Marcie Blane. In 1958, Teresa recorded "Bobby" for Coral Records. It remained unreleased until 1987 when it was included in the collection Teenage Dance Party.

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