Teresa Answers Your Questions
"When I Leave the World Behind"   (Jun 2005)

Q:  "KEROLIM":   When was the song "When I Leave the World Behind" recorded? What CD or other release includes this track?

A:  TERESA:   "'When I Leave the World Behind' is a beautiful song that my mother taught me when I was a little girl and I've always loved it. For many years, in fact, I included it in my act and the audiences seemed to have been taken in by its loveliness. I recorded it in the 1950s. I think it's included in one of the first albums I made for Coral Records ('Music Music Music' in 1955.)"

Additional notes:  "When I Leave the World Behind" was written by Irving Berlin in 1915. The inspiration for the ballad was a spurious will by a nonexistent lawyer named Charles Lounsberry. He was supposed to have left his children "the dandelions of the field, and the daisies thereof...the long days to be merry in...the right to choose a star that shall be his," and so forth. This will, which Berlin took at face value, made such an impression on him that he wrote "When I Leave the World Behind" in a similar vein ("I leave springtime to the flowers, I leave the nighttime to the dreamers, I leave the songbirds to the blind..."). Only many years later did Berlin discover that there never had been any such person as Lounsberry and that his supposed will had been the fabrication of some highly inventive imagination.

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