Teresa Answers Your Questions
Favorite Song / Meeting Elvis   (Jun 2005)

Q:  RON:   Nice to hear that your're still going strong. You are one of my very favorite singers. Will you tell me which is your favorite song? And did you ever meet Elvis?

A:  TERESA:   "The song that I like best of the hits I've had is 'Till I Waltz Again with You.' I think it's beautiful and I never tire of singing it. I've had a lot of success with up-tempo tunes but it's really the ballads that I prefer: 'Till I Waltz Again with You,' 'A Tear Fell,' 'Let Me Go Lover,' 'Pledging My Love.' They have true, lasting value for me."

"In the 1970s when I was appearing in Las Vegas, Elvis Presley came to see the show and visited me in my dressing room afterwards. We talked standing up for about a half hour and I thought he was very sweet. He seemed lonely and we talked mostly of him. I thought he was very nice. He did tell me that the first song he ever sang in public -- when he was back in high school -- was 'Till I Waltz Again with You,' which of course pleased me very much. As I say, he was a nice man, a sweet person, said many flattering things to me, but I thought he was very lonely."

Additional notes:  Elvis Presley, a shy, introverted loner, surprised his fellow high school students and the faculty by appearing on stage in a school variety show and singing two songs. According to "Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley" by Peter Guralnick, Elvis is quoted as saying, "I entered a talent show and came out and did my first number, 'Till I Waltz Again with You' by Teresa Brewer. When I came onstage, I heard people kind of mumbling and whispering and so forth 'cause nobody knew I even sang. It's amazing how popular I became after that." Elvis told Teresa when he met her that evening in 1972 that because of the "Till I Waltz Again with You" connection: "You could say that you got me started in the business!" In this and other Elvis biographies, Teresa and sometimes Kay Starr are invariably listed as his favorite female vocalists.

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