Teresa Answers Your Questions
Beauty Secrets   (Jun 2005)

Q:  GLORIA HUELBIG:   My boyfriend recently gave me a CD with all songs from the early 50s and I enjoyed hearing your song "Music Music Music" so much! It made me feel like a little girl again (I'm 53 now). I was singing it for days until I drove my boyfriend crazy. My dad was a huge fan of yours. Unfortunately, he died of cancer two years ago, but I have all of his records which means so much to me. How do you manage to look so great? I guess singing keeps you young -- it's hard to believe you're a great grandmother!

A:  TERESA:   "I was sorry to hear about the death of your father. I know it must have been a sad and difficult time for you and your family and I send along my belated sympathy. And thank you so much for the compliment -- it made my day! I have no particular beauty-treatment secret except possibly not staying outside for any length of time in direct sunlight. I love gardening and puttering around in the yard but I always wear sunscreen and other creams, plus a hat, whenever I do. I find that that's very beneficial for my skin. I also try not to let life's little ups and downs get to me by keeping a positive attitude. And having all of my daughters living nearby -- and my grandchildren and great-grandchildren -- they all lift my spirits and keep me young. I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful family."

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