Teresa Answers Your Questions
"Copenhagen"   (Jun 2005)

Q:  HELEN BOOTH:   The very first record I ever bought was "Copenhagen" I couldn't get enough of it and drove my family mad, as you would expect. The next was "Music Music Music." Is there a score for Copenhagen?

A:  TERESA:   "The song 'Copenhagen' is an old Dixieland jazz standard and it was the 'A' side of the third or fourth single that I recorded for London Records. I've always loved singing that song because it is such a great one. Imagine my surprise when disc jockeys at the time flipped the record over and started playing the 'B' side, 'Music Music Music,' instead of 'Copenhagen.' 'Music' took off and became a number one hit for me, my first big hit, actually. I remember at the time the record was released that there was record strike in England. At that time, all of the records on the London label, even those that were recorded in New York, were pressed in England and then shipped to the States for distribution. The record sold well over a million copies but, had there not been the strike then, it would've sold even more."

Additional notes:  "Music Music Music" was released on New Year's Eve in December of 1949 and was #1 on the Billboard charts for four weeks in early 1950. "Copenhagen," the 'A' side of the disk, did not chart at all.

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