Teresa Answers Your Questions
Regis Tackled?   (May 2005)

Q:  GARY CRUM:   I seem to remember reading a while back something about you and Regis Philbin. Is it true that he tackled someone on a show where you were one of the guests many years ago, or am I mixed up?

A:  TERESA:   "I was on Regis Philbin 's cable TV show in the 1980s. I do not recall any incidents involving a tackling or scuffling involving Regis or anyone else. I'll have to ask my daughters to see if they remember anything! Who won?"

Additional notes:  In 1985, Teresa was the featured guest on the Regis Philbin Show on the Lifetime cable channel. She sang "All of Me" from her then current album, The Cotton Connection, and chatted with Regis for about five or so minutes afterwards.

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