A Celebration of Country 'N' Pop Music   (1995)

A Christmas Treasury of Classic Ladies

A Decade of Broadway and Cinema

A Touch of Ragtime   (1974; George Segal & the Imperial Jazz Band)

A Treasure Chest of Melodies and Memories   (1993)

Admiral Demonstration Record
Vol. 2

All Star Salute to Today's Golden Songs   (1980)

All the Crooners   (2004; Australia)

All the 50s   (2004; Australia)

All the Ladies   (2005; Australia)

All the Things You Are   (2005)

All-Time Country & Western   (Japan)

All Time Hit Parade

All You Need is Love: Glamour and Glitter   (Japan)

Almost There - A Collection of British No. 2 Hits   (1984)

American Airlines Glittering Galaxy   (1964)

America's Greatest Hits (1950)   (2005; UK)
America's Greatest Hits (1953)   (2005; UK)

An All-Star Christmas

An Old-Fashioned Christmas   (1993)

As Time Goes By   (1988)

Atomic Platters   (2005)

Autumn Leaves

Back to The 50s   (1993)

Back to The 50s: The Golden Hits

Baseball's Greatest Hits   (1989)

Beautiful Music, Beautiful Memories - Vol. 3
Beautiful Music, Beautiful Memories - Vol. 8

Best Hits - 1964   (1964; Japan)

Best of Dixieland

Best of Philips

Best of the 50s   (2003; Netherlands)

Best of the 50s   (2006; Australia)

Big Hits & Highlights   (2007)

Bing Crosby and His Special Guests   (1951)

Bing's Buddies   (2000: UK)

British Hit Parade - 1955 (Part 1)   (2006; UK)
British Hit Parade - 1956 (Part 1)   (2007; UK)
British Hit Parade - 1956 (Part 2)   (2007; UK)

Broadway Beauties   (2006)

Bubbling Under Vol 1   (2010)

Can't Stop Singing

Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts   (1969)

Christmas in the Air   (1975)

Christmas in the Air   (1977)

Christmas Time Again   (2001)

Christmas Voices   (2004)

Classic Divas   (2007)

Classic Pop Hits 1   (Japan)

Clyde Otis Classics

Cocktail Zone   (2002)

Cookin'   (2005)

Coolest Yule Ever   (2007)

Country & Western   (Japan)

Country Connection   (1983)

Country Gold Vol. 1

Country Legends   (1985)

Country Music Cavalcade: Smoky Mountain Memories   (1977)

Dinner Club   (2003)

Divas   (2005)

Do It With Music

Down Memory Lane - Volume 10   (2003)
Down Memory Lane - Volume 11   (2004)

Driving Down Memory Lane   (2009)
Drivin' Easy   (2002)

Easy   (2002; UK)

Easy Listening Stars of the 50s & 60s - Vol 2   (1998)

80 All Time Holiday Classics   (2000)

El Renacimiento del Rock   (Mexico)

Encyclopaedia of Music - Best of 50s   (2004; Australia)

Fabulous Fifties Divas   (2006)

Family Favourites   (2003; UK)

Feel Good With the Good Music of Doctor Jazz   (1987)

50 Hits

Fifty Most Loved Records

50 Original Hits From the Fabulous 50s   (2004)

Fifty Timeless Recording Classics

50s Hits

1950s Hits & Highlights   (2007)

50s Legends   (2005)

50s Love Songs   (2008; Australia)

50s Million Sellers   (2008)

50s Original Hits 1950-1951

Fifties Pop Party - Volume II

50s Rock n' Roll Hawaiian Style   (2009)

50s Summer Party   (2006; UK)

First Ladies of Swing   (2002)

For Sentimental Reasons

For Sentimental Reasons

40 Jukebox Favorites   (2006)

40 Years of Golden Memories   (1987)

Fun Novelty Songs   (2009)

Going, Going, Gone!   (1994; Music & Memories from Broadcast Baseball)

Golden Era of Dance & Songs

Golden Girls   (1991)

Golden Greats   (1998)

Golden Greats of the 50s   (1999)

Golden Hit Pops

Golden Hits of 1950   (2003)

Grand Ladies of Entertainment   (2008)

Great American Songbook

Great Favourites of 1950   (2001)

Great Hits of the Fantastic 50s

Great Original Hits of the 50s and 60s   (1974)

Great Stars Great Memories

Great Stars Sing Their Greatest Songs   (1989)

Greatest American Baseball Box   (2005)

Greatest Crooners & Divas   (2007; UK)

Greatest Entertainers Greatest Voices   (2006)

Greatest Ever Memories   (2008)

Greatest Hits of the Century

Greatest Hits of the 50s

Greatest Hits of the 40s & 50s

Greatest Love - Everybody Loves Somebody   (2007; Australia)

Greetings From Hawaii   (2004; Germany)

Hands of Time   (Australia)

Happy Days Are Here Again

Hazy Memories - Volume 1   (2004)

Hilarious Hits of the Fifties

History of Pop Radio   (2000)

Hit Parade   (2007)

Hit Parade of Famous Musical Styles

Hit Parade Volume One

Hits of '50   (2001)

Hits of '53 - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes   (2002)

Hits of '56 - Memories are Made of This   (2002)

Hits of 1950 - Music Music Music

Hits of the 50s

Hits of the 50s

Hits of the 50s - On the Sentimental Side

Hits of the 50s - The Ultimate Collection   (2007, UK)

Hits of the Fifties - Vol 1

Hitsville   (1959)

Holiday Belles   (2002)

Holiday Greetings   (1991)

Hot and Bothered   (1985; Mercer Ellington)

Hot Boppin' Girls   (1981)

House Party

I Love Music (1950-1954)   (2004; Netherlands)

I'm Yours   (2004; Don Cornell)

In Love Again

Into the Fifties   (2008; Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra)

Irving Berlin 100th Anniversary Collection   (1988)

It's Christmas Time   (2010)

It's Christmas Time Again   (1988)

It's Popcorn Time   (2007)

1950 Jamboree

Jim Sutton By Request   (New Zealand)

Jukebox Classics   (2003)

Jukebox Favourites   (2006; UK)

Jukebox - Goodnight My Love   (2007; Australia)

Jukebox Hits    (2003 Disky Box Set)

Jukebox Hits    (Jukebox Series)

Jukebox Revival   (2006; UK)

Ladies of Song  (2004; UK)

Leading Ladies   (1997)

Legendary Entertainers   (2002)

Legendary Songs of Cole Porter   (2000; UK)

Les Brown Songbook   (1998; Les Brown and His Band of Renown)

Les Plus Grands Succes de la Danse Sociale   (France)

Let a Song Be Your Umbrella   (1994)

Let's Dance!

Let's Have Another One   (2008)

Lifetime of Romance   (2006)

Lili Marleen (Without End)   (2006; Germany)

Live Dancing in Al Capone's Ballroom

Lovebirds   (1999)

Love Songs of Your Hit Parade

Lovin' Oldies Vol. 2   (1994)

Maeva Presents Vol. 2 - 16 Greatest Popcorn Oldies   (Belgium)

Magic Moments   (2004)

Magical Memories   (1976)

Memories - Volume One

Memories - Volume Three

Memories Are Made of This   (1981)

Memories are Made of This - Great Stars of the 50s

Memories of Hawaii   (1985)

Mercury Vocal Collection   (1966)

Merry Christmas from Coral Records

Mighty Fifties   (1984, Japan)

Million Dollar Hits of the 50s and 60s   (1972)

Million Dollar Memories of the 50s and 60s

Million Dollar Sellers Vol 1

Million Sellers of the 1950s   (2005)

Moments to Remember   (2006)

More Best of the 50s   (2004)

More 50s   (2005)

More of the 50s Greatest Love Songs

Mother's Memories   (2003)

Most of All   (2007; Don Cornell)

Music Music Music   (BBC)

Music Music Music -
For the Fun of It

Music Music Music - The Great Entertainers Live   (1975)

Music Music Music - 20 Golden Memories   (2003)

Music of the Year: 1955   (2001)

Music of the Year: 1956   (2001)

Nick at Nite: Beach Blanket Bash

Nuages   (1983; Stephane Grappelli)

Number 1 Hits of the 50s

Oldies / Goldies 1956   (2000)

Oldies But Goldies - 50s Hawaiian Rock n' Roll   (2009)

One For My Baby   (2004)

100 Favorites of the Fifties   (2000)

100 Hits of the 50s   (2003)

100 Hits of the 50s   (2006; UK)

100 Rock 'N' Roll Favourites   (2006; UK)

One Night Stand with Stan Kenton in 1950   (1950; Stan Kenton & His Orchestra)

1000 Original Hits 50-54   (2002)

Only You   (Japan)

Open House

Open House with Les Brown
(1956; Les Brown and His Band of Renown)

Original Amateur Hour 25th Anniversary Album   (1960)

Plantation Gold   (2008)

Pop Classics: Oh Suzannah   (2006)

Pop Parade   (2007)

Pop Radio (Популярная музыка)   (2005; Russia)

Pop Vocal Classics (1951-1966)   (1997)

Popfile - Volume 2
Popfile - Volume 5   (2006)

Popular Music of the 1950s, Volume 1   (1987)

Popular Vocal   (Japan)

Porky's   (1982)

Queens of Jazz   (2007, Australia)

Radio Days   (2006; UK)

Radio Hits From the 50s   (2004)

Rare Novelty Answers   (2005; Canada)

Red Baron Jazz Sampler

Remember the 50s - Volume 1

Remember the Good Times

Remember the 1950s

Remembering the 50s   (1992)

Remembering the Fifties   (1997)

Respect: A Century of Women in Music

Rock-A-Hula Bop

Rock-N-Roll   (2002)

Rock-N-Roll Love Songs

Rockfile   (1997)

Romance Music & You: True Love   (1994; Netherlands)

Roundez-Vous of the Stars   (2006)

S Wonderful

Sentimental Journey

Sentimental Journey - 20 Hits from 1950   (2003)

Sentimental Journey - Volume 2

Sentimental Journey 3   (Last Train to San Fernando; 2002; Germany)

75 Golden Hits From the Romantic 50s   (2005)

75 Million Selling Hits   (2006)

Shake Rattle & Roll 3   (2002)

Shout! Factory Fall 2005 Sampler   (2005)

Shout! The Story of Johnny O'Keefe   (1986)

Signature Sampler

Sing and Dance to the Fabulous 50s   (2002)

Sights of Dr. Pepper '77   (1977)

16 Big Hits of the 50s

Sixteen World Hits of the Fifties

61*   (2001)

66 Grandes Exitos USA En España 1940-1953   (2004; Spain)


Songs for Grandad   (2006)

Songs of Earl Shuman Vol. 2   (1998)

Songs of Lew Brown   (2008)

Songs of Warner/Chappell Music - Vol. 4   (2008)

Sound Exchange   (2006; Les Brown and His Band of Renown)

Sounds of Solid Gold - Going Back in Time

Sounds of the Fabulous Fifties   (2005)

Sounds of the Fifties - 1953

Sounds of the Fifties - 1957

Sounds of the Fifties - Love Songs

Sounds of the Fifties - Love Songs

Stan Zemanek Collection

Stardust Memories   (1995)

Stereo Showcase of Stars

Stereo Spectacular


Superstar Christmas

Sweethearts and Heartthrobs of the 50s   (UK)

Thanks for the Memories

That's the Chance You Take
(Don Cornell, 2005)

The All Time Favourites (Vol. 1)

The Best of the Great Girl Singers

The Big Hits Vol. 6   (Holland)

The Era of F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Fabulous 50s   (2003)

The Fabulous 50s (1950)
(2005; UK)

The Fabulous 50s (1956)
(2005; UK)

The Fabulous Fifties   
(2001; Time/Life set)

The Fabulous Fifties - Greatest Hits

The Fabulous Fifties - 60 Original Classics

The Fabulous Fifties - Volume 1   (2004)

The Fabulous Years

The Fifties Complete

The 50s Generation   (1993)

The Great Entertainers

The Great Fifties Collection Volume 2   (Australia)

The Great Ones

The Great Standards

The Great Stars and Their Greatest Songs   (1985)

The Greatest Hits of the Century

The Greatest Recordings of the 1950s

The Halls of Ivy

The Lady Loves Jazz   (2006; Netherlands)

The Late 50s

The Late 50s - The Top 10 Collection

The Magic of Christmas   (1994)

The Melody Lingers On   (2005)

The Mid 50s

The Million Airs   (1960)

The Music of Christmas

The Mysterious Flying Orchestra

The Other Girl   (1982; Amy Kanter)

The Stars, The Hits   (2001)

The Stars Sing at Christmas   (1985)

The Stars Visit Lawrence Welk
(1957; Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra)

The Sullivan Years   (1973)

The Very Best of the 50s   (2007; Australia

The Way We Were

The Way We Were in the 50s   (2005)

These Were Our Songs - The Early 50s   (2006)

They Sold a Million   (2007)

They Sold a Million!   (2002)

This Land and It's Music

Thoroughly Modern   (Bob Thiele and His New Happy Times Orchestra, 1967)

Those Fabulous 50s   (1989)

Those Were the Days   (Bob Thiele & His New Happy Times Orchestra)

Those Wonderful Years

Those Wonderful Years   (2007)

Those Wonderful Years - Fever!   (1994)

Too Young: Hits of the 50s   (2005)

Top Ten Collection: Greatest Hits of the Early 50s   (2002)

Top 10 Hits of the 50s   (2007; UK)

Top 20 Hits of the 50s - Volume 1   (2003)

True Christmas   (2007)

True Fifties Love   (2008)

20 All Time Great Hits

20 Golden Oldies

20 Hits - The Girl's Collection

25 Early American Pop No. 1s   (2005)

25 Hits of the 50s

26 Original Hits

Twist and Shout   (1981; Poland)

Unchained Melodies I   (1962)


Unforgettable Fifties

Unforgettable Hits of the 50s   (2005)

Voices of Great Divas   (Germany)


We Believe in Toledo!   (1976)

We Like Girls

What a Wonderful World
(1973; Bobby Hackett)

What a Wonderful World

White Christmas Album   (1996)

Woman's World   (1982)

Years to Remember

You Must Remember This   (2003)

Young at Heart   (2004; Netherlands)

Young Love - The 50s   (2006)

Your Easy Listening Hit Parade   (1997)

Your Hit Parade

Your Vintage Jukebox

Zillion Jazz Sampler   (1983)