I just have to tell you about today’s 10AM service at the Niskayuna Reformed Church in Niskayuna, NY: As a postlude, our talented organist and a wonderful flute player played “Music, Music, Music!” as everyone was leaving at the end of the service. It was fun to see many of our congregation singing with this song! Many of us reflected and remembered Teresa and her vibrant personality and powerful voice. I don’t know why this was selected as a postlude, but it was a surprise and upbeat gift - Teresa's "Music, Music, Music!" was the cherry on the whipped cream of the wonderful Sunday worship service.
Imagine my surprise when I, on just a total lark, not really expecting any results, 'googled' my best friend's name and it took me to your website. In your gallery area you have a drawing by Stevin Philbin of Teresa. Stevin was my best friend here in San Francisco. I remember his great devotion to the fan club and all things TB. He had no lack of passion or energy regarding his efforts for the fan club. Thank you so much for including his drawing on your site. Stevin never lived long enough to even see the dawn of the internet. But he would have been so proud to have his art featured on your wonderful tribute site to Teresa. Really he would have been just pleased as punch. And thank you from me for the shock of delight to have my search actually take me to something of Stevin's, living on in the here and now through the power of technology.
We decided on using the song "What a Wonderful World" for the first song at the reception after our upcoming wedding. After listening to many versions, our favorite by far was the one that Teresa B does with the beautiful violin work backing her. Neither of us knew Teresa B music, but after falling in love with her recording we also added most of the songs from "On the Good Ship Lollipop" to our reception play list. Beautiful.
I accidentally found the TB website, and have now spent over an hour watching different videos of TB in her various performances. It is so wonderful that there are so many segments of her appearances left for the world to share. Her records are wonderful, but they do not convey the bounce and energy that she brings to the songs when you see her actually performing them!
My father loved her music so much that I am named after her. Its a pretty cool part of who I am. I have her tapes, that used to be my Dad's. She had a beautiful voice and I get the privledge of having her memory be my life. Just a tiny bit of info.
When I was a young child, my parents would play Teresa Brewer's At Christmas Time album every year on Christmas Eve. When my children were young, my wife and I continued that routine. This year, we listened to the album from the website, sitting with our grandchildren - aged 4 and 6. The tradition gets sweeter with each generation!
Good morning! I'm only 15 and Teresa Brewer is my favorite singer. I knew her from The Muppet Show! I have some CDs and vinyles of Teresa Brewer and I wish Teresa Brewer was even more popular in Europe. She came to Switzerland for a concert but I'm not sure if everybody knew her then...
Watching and listening to Teresa singing Dinah on the Merv Griffin show....was just beautiful... as Teresa was beautiful... the BEST! There is no one "finer" than Teresa. Always a fan... forever and ever...
In 1978, my wife at the time and I became rather friendly with Teresa and her husband Bob. We spent many evenings together having dinner and such.

That was at the time that many legal arguements were going on between heirs to the Irving Lundy estate. Teresa was one of 3 next of kin who were involved in the bitter disputes that took place -- at the center of the controversy was the landmark restaurant called Lundys. I was at the time the District Manager for a community board that was deeply involved in the zoning issues surronding all the Lundy property in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

In Lundy's restaurant, a room was renamed theTeresa Brewer Room. Lots of her phototgraphs hung from the walls. On several ocassions while we would dine at the restaurant, people would approach her for autographs -- often on records of hers. She always greeted people with a huge smile.

As our friendship continued, my wife gave birth to our daughter Lisa in 1979. A week after her birth, Teresa and Bob came over to our apartment and handed us a copy of the 45rpm single titled "Teddy." The song was originally written in support of trying to convince Ted Kennedy to run for President in 1980. Teresa signed the record with "dedicated to my favorite baby." At one of her concerts, a short time later at the Westbury Music Fair on Long Island, she sang "Teddy" and just as the intro started to play she announced, "I am dedicating this song to my favorite baby, Lisa." Wow the shock on my face when I heard that!

On Lisa's first birthday, Teresa and Bob gave her the cutest little vest I ever saw. To this day I still have the vest and the 45rpm single and will always cherish the gifts.

Our friendship continued for several years, but with changing times I guess our friendship withered a bit. We did talk to Teresa and Bob on a pretty regular basis and did see them on ocassion over the next decade or so. In 1996 we attended Bob's funeral -- and quite honestly, I spent the next several weeks looking back at the close friendship we had for years.

I was unable to attend Teresa's funeral due to the fact that I relocated to Seattle after my own major illness a few years earlier. But I will never forget the time we spent with Bob and Teresa.

We just finished watching the song clips of Teresa's appearance on The Muppet Show. She is just so cute, and energetic, and a complete joy to watch. We must have played "Cotton Fields" half a dozen times!
Just writing to say what I hope is a common thought amongst many of Teresa's long time fans... Though it's already been a year+ since we lost her (way too young, as well,) she lives on, as vibrant and lovely as ever through her long and wonderful list of recordings.

Thank you so much for continuing the website, and featuring her photos and music - and now video. It's so great to see her in some of her performances!

My sincerest condolences to the family and all who were close to Teresa on the first anniversary of her going on to Glory. Her music, dancing, but most of all her values as a family person make me wish I'd been her next door neighbour. If the world was filled with people like her it would be a much better place for all.
I don't know if anyone has written before about what is possibly one of Teresa's most unusual honors? There was once a hot dog bun, signed by Teresa, proudly displayed at Tony Packo's restaurant in Toledo, OH!

Zza Zza Gabor at Packo'sPacko's is a Toledo institution, a restaurant that has been around since the Great Depression. Some time back, sports stars and celebrities began signing Packo's buns and the restaurant displayed them! I recall seeing Teresa's "buns" more than 2 decades ago. I don't know if the buns are still in existence (how long do bread buns last?) but next time I get up there, I plan to ask. Maybe some local fans could let us know?

I'm attaching a picture of Zza Zza Gabor signing a bun!