JOHNNY CARSON: "I've always had the biggest crush on Teresa Brewer! She's my favorite girl singer." DONNA FARGO: "I've been called a contemporary Teresa Brewer. That's inaccurate because Teresa Brewer is still very contemporary."

CONNIE FRANCIS: "When I first started singing and making records, I tried to sound like Teresa Brewer, and do her type of songs. I eventually developed my own style of singing, one that I felt completely comfortable with. But I always admired Teresa Brewer." BETTE MIDLER: "Most singers give credit to the Beatles, the Stones, and Elvis. My inspiration came from Patti Page, Jo Stafford and Teresa Brewer. I love Teresa Brewer! Actually, the record, Till I Waltz Again With You, was instrumental in setting me in my path."

ELVIS: ...to Teresa directly in her Las Vegas dressing room... "The first song I sang in public was Till I Waltz Again With You. You could say that you got me started in show business!" GRACE SLICK: "Teresa Brewer was ahead of her time. Had she started out today, she'd be the hottest thing going."