SinglesTill I Waltz Again With You  (1952; 78rpm & 45rpm; Coral ver.)
Till I Waltz Again With You  (1953; 45rpm EP; Coral ver.)
Let Me Go Lover  (1954; 45rpm EP; Coral ver.; Chile)
Ricochet  (1955; 45rpm; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer Silver Star Series  (1957; 45rpm EP; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer  (1959; 45rpm EP; Coral ver.)
Till I Waltz Again With You  (1962; 45rpm; Philips ver.)
Teresita Brewer - Sus Grandes Exitos  (1962; 45rpm EP; Philips ver.; Mexico)
Till I Waltz Again With You  (1963; 45rpm; Coral ver.)
Till I Waltz Again With You  (1963; 45rpm; Philips ver.; Japan)
Till I Waltz Again With You  (DOD Issue; 45rpm)
CollectionsTill I Waltz Again With You  (1953; Coral ver.)
Teresa   (1956; Coral ver.)
My Golden Favorites   (1960; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer's Greatest Hits   (1962; Philips ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (1965; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - Her Greatest Hits   (1975; RCA ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (1975; RCA ver.)
Spotlight on Teresa Brewer   (1978; Philips ver.)
Brewer's Best   (1981; Philips ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (1981; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - The Best Of   (1983; Coral ver.)
Music Music Music  (1985; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - Golden Greats   (1985; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - Her Famous Golden Hits   (1985; Coral ver.)
Golden Hits   (1988; Coral ver.)
The Very Best of Teresa Brewer  (1993; Coral ver.)
A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl  (1995; Coral ver.)
Music Music Music  (1995; Coral ver.)
The Very Best of Teresa Brewer  (1995; RCA ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (2000; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer Treasury  (2002; Coral ver.)
The Singles  (2003; Coral ver.)
Let Me Go Lover  (2005)
Music Music Music  (2005)
Let Me Go Lover  (2006)
Teresa's Treasure Trove   (2011; in medley)
Teresa Brewer - All Her Hits and More  (2012)
Multi-Artist ReleasesAll the 50s  (2004; Australia)
All the Ladies  (2005; Australia)
All the Things You Are  (2005)
All-Time Country & Western  (Japan)
America's Greatest Hits (1953)  (2005; UK)
Beautiful Music, Beautiful Memories - Vol. 3
Best of Philips  (Philips ver.)
Best of the 50s  (2006; Australia)
Big Hits & Highlights   (2007)
Country Connection  (1983)
Easy Listening Stars of the 50s & 60s - Vol 2  (1998)
50 Hits  (Coral ver.)
1950s Hits & Highlights   (2007)
Fifty Most Loved Records
Golden Era of Dance & Songs
Golden Hit Pops
Great Hits of the Fantastic 50s
Great Original Hits of the 50s and 60s   (1974)
Greatest Hits of the Century  (Coral ver.)
Greatest Hits of the 50s
Greatest Love - Everybody Loves Somebody  (2007; Australia)
Hit Parade  (2007)
Hits of '53 - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes  (2002; Coral ver.)
Hits of the 50s  (Coral ver.)
Hits of the 50s - On the Sentimental Side
Jukebox Hits  (Coral ver.)
Jukebox Favourites  (2006; UK)
Let's Dance!
Mighty Fifties  (1984; Japan)
Million Dollar Hits of the 50s and 60s   (1972)
Moments to Remember   (2006)
Music Music Music - The Great Entertainers Live  (1975; in medley)
Number 1 Hits of the 50s
One For My Baby   (2004)
Only You   (Japan)
Pop Vocal Classics (1951-1966)
Popfile - Volume 5  (2006)
Popular Music of the 1950s, Volume 1  (1987)
Popular Vocal  (Japan)
Porky's  (1982)
Remember the Good Times  (RCA ver.)
Sentimental Journey
75 Golden Hits From the Romantic 50s  (2005; Coral ver.)
Songs of Warner/Chappell Music - Vol. 4  (2008)
Sounds of Solid Gold - Going Back in Time
Sounds of the Fifties - 1953
Stardust - Classic Decca Hits  (1994; Coral ver.)
The Best of the Great Girl Singers  (RCA ver.)
The Fabulous Fifties  (2001; Coral ver.)
The Great Stars and Their Greatest Songs   (1985)
The Greatest Recordings of the 1950s  (Coral ver.)
The Million Airs  (1960; Coral ver.)
The Sullivan Years  (1973, in medley)
The Very Best of the 50s  (2007; Australia)
The Way We Were
These Were Our Songs - The Early 50s  (2006)
They Sold a Million  (2007)
They Sold a Million!  (2002)
Those Wonderful Years  (RCA ver.)
Those Wonderful Years  (2007)
Too Young: Hits of the 50s  (2005)
Top Ten Collection: Greatest Hits of the Early 50s  (2002)
20 Golden Oldies
We Believe in Toledo!  (1976)
We Like Girls  (Coral ver.)
You Must Remember This
Your Easy Listening Hit Parade  (1997)
Your Hit Parade  (Coral ver.)
Your Vintage Jukebox
RadioLet's Go to Town - The National Guard Shows  (1953)
Guard Session - Teresa Brewer with Martin Block  (1965)
The Music Makers - Teresa Brewer with Skitch Henderson  (1982)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Dick Shepard  (1983)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1984)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1985)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1987)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1990)
TV & VideoColgate Comedy Hour  (1953 TV; in medley)
Ed Sullivan Show  (1956 TV; in medley)
Dinah! The Dinah Shore Show  (1974 TV; in medley)
Mike Douglas Show  (1974 TV; in medley)
The Other Broadway: London's West End  (1975 TV; in medley)
Dick Clark Music Special  (1980 TV; in medley)
March of Dimes Telethon  (1981 TV, in medley)
Moments to Remember  (1981 TV, in medley)
Jukebox Saturday Night  (1990 TV; in medley)
Statler Brothers Show  (1993 TV)
Live from the Colgate Comedy Hour Vol. 2  (2000 Video; in medley)
Sock Hop Rock Rarities  (2004 DVD, in medley)
The Abbott & Costello Collection  (2003 DVD set; in medley)
The Abbott & Costello Show  (2004 DVD; in medley)
The Abbott & Costello Show, 1951-1954  (2004 DVD; in medley)
Sheet Music

Till I Waltz Again With You  (1952)