SinglesRicochet  (1953; 78rpm & 45rpm; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer Favorites  (1954; 45rpm EP; Coral ver.)
Ricochet  (1955; 45rpm; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer Silver Star Series  (1957; 45rpm EP; Coral ver.)
Music Music Music  (1962 Philips; 45rpm; Philips ver.)
Teresa Brewer - Golden Hits  (1962 Philips; 45rpm EP; Philips ver.)
Till I Waltz Again With You  (1963; 45rpm; Coral ver.)
CollectionsTeresa   (1956; Coral ver.)
Miss Hitmaker   (1957; Coral ver.; Germany)
My Golden Favorites   (1960; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer's Greatest Hits   (1962; Philips ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (1965; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - Her Greatest Hits   (1975; RCA ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (1975; RCA ver.)
Remember Teresa Brewer   (1977; Philips ver.)
Spotlight on Teresa Brewer   (1978; Philips ver.)
Brewer's Best   (1981; Philips ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (1981; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - The Best Of   (1983; Coral ver.)
Music Music Music  (1985; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - Golden Greats   (1985; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - Her Famous Golden Hits   (1985; Coral ver.)
Golden Hits   (1988; Coral ver.)
The Very Best of Teresa Brewer  (1993; Coral ver.)
A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl  (1995; Coral ver.)
Music Music Music  (1995; Coral ver.)
The Very Best of Teresa Brewer  (1995; RCA ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (2000; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer Treasury  (2002; Coral ver.)
The Singles  (2003; Coral ver.)
Let Me Go Lover  (2005)
Music Music Music  (2005)
Let Me Go Lover  (2006)
Teresa's Treasure Trove   (2011; in medley)
Teresa Brewer - All Her Hits and More  (2012)
Multi-Artist ReleasesAll the Ladies  (2005; Australia)
As Time Goes By
50s Love Songs  (2008; Australia)
Happy Days Are Here Again
Hits of '53 - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes  (2002; Coral ver.)
Hits of the 50s  (Coral ver.)
Jukebox Hits  (Coral ver.)
Memories are Made of This - Great Stars of the 50s
Music Music Music - For the Fun of It
Music Music Music - The Great Entertainers Live  (1975; in medley)
100 Rock 'N' Roll Favourites  (2006; Netherlands)
Pop Classics: Oh Suzannah  (2006)
Respect: A Century of Women in Music  (Coral ver.)
75 Million Selling Hits  (2006)
The Greatest Recordings of the 1950s  (Coral ver.)
The Million Airs  (1960; Coral ver.)
The Sullivan Years  (1973, in medley)
Too Young: Hits of the 50s  (2005)
20 All Time Great Hits
Your Hit Parade  (Coral ver.)
RadioGuard Session - Teresa Brewer with Martin Block  (1965)
The Music Makers - Teresa Brewer with Skitch Henderson  (1982)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Dick Shepard  (1983)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1985)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1987)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1990)
Weekend Edition  (1991; song excerpt only)
TV & VideoGeorge Jessel Show  (1953 TV)
Toast of the Town  (1953 TV)
Upbeat!  (1955 TV)
Ed Sullivan Show  (1956 TV; in medley)
Dinah! The Dinah Shore Show  (1974 TV; in medley)
Mike Douglas Show  (1974 TV; in medley)
The Other Broadway: London's West End  (1975 TV; in medley)
March of Dimes Telethon  (1981 TV, in medley)
Moments to Remember  (1981 TV, in medley)
Jukebox Saturday Night  (1990 TV; in medley)
George Jessel Show  (2001 Video)
Sock Hop Rock Rarities  (2004 DVD, in medley)
Sheet Music

Ricochet  (1953)