SinglesMusic Music Music  (1950 London; 78rpm & 45rpm; London ver.)
Teresa Brewer - Volume 1  (1951; 45rpm EP; London ver.)
Music Music Music  (1953; 45rpm; Coral ver.)
Music Music Music  (1955; 45rpm EP; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer  (1959; 45rpm EP; Coral ver.)
Music Music Music  (1962 Philips; 45rpm; Philips ver.)
Teresita Brewer - Sus Grandes Exitos  (1962; 45rpm EP; Philips ver.; Mexico)
Golden Oldies Vol. 2  (1973; 45rpm EP; Philips ver.)
Music Music Music  (1973; 45rpm; Rock)
Music Music Music  (1976; 45rpm; Disco)
Music Music Music  (1976 Disco; 33rpm single/stereo; Disco 4:20 mix)
Music Music Music  (1976 Disco; 33rpm single/stereo; Disco 6:09 mix)
Mighty Fifties  (1985; 45rpm; Picture disc single released in Japan)
Music Music Music  (1986 London; 45rpm; London ver.)
Music Music Music  (1986 Philips; 45rpm; Philips ver.)
Music Music Music  (Dual Artist; 45rpm; RCA ver.)
CollectionsMusic Music Music  (1955; Coral ver.)
My Golden Favorites   (1960; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer's Greatest Hits   (1962; Philips ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (1965; Coral ver.)
Music Music Music  (1973; Rock)
Teresa Brewer - Her Greatest Hits   (1975; RCA ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (1975; RCA ver.)
World of Teresa Brewer   (1976; London ver.)
Remember Teresa Brewer   (1977; Philips ver.)
Spotlight on Teresa Brewer   (1978; Philips ver.)
Brewer's Best   (1981; Philips ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (1981; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - The Best Of   (1983; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer in London   (1984; Rock)
Music Music Music  (1985; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - Golden Greats   (1985; Coral ver.)
Teresa Brewer - Her Famous Golden Hits   (1985; Coral ver.)
Portrait   (1986; RCA ver.)
All Of Me   (1987; RCA ver.)
Golden Hits   (1988; Coral ver.)
The Very Best of Teresa Brewer  (1993; Coral ver.)
A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl  (1995; Coral ver.)
Music Music Music  (1995; London ver.)
The Very Best of Teresa Brewer  (1995; RCA ver.)
The Best of Teresa Brewer   (2000; Coral ver.)
The Original Sound of Miss Music! Music! Music!  (2001; London ver.)
Teresa Brewer Treasury  (2002; Coral ver.)
The Singles  (2003; Coral ver.)
Let Me Go Lover  (2005)
Music Music Music  (2005)
Let Me Go Lover  (2006)
A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl  (2008; Coral ver.)
Teresa's Treasure Trove   (2011; medley, rock, disco versions)
Teresa Brewer - All Her Hits and More  (2012; Coral ver.)
Multi-Artist ReleasesAll Time Hit Parade
All You Need is Love: Glamour and Glitter  (Japan)
America's Greatest Hits (1950)  (2005; UK)
Back to The 50s: The Golden Hits
Beautiful Music, Beautiful Memories - Vol. 8
Best of the 50s  (2003)
Best of the 50s  (2006; Australia)
Broadway Beauties  (2006)
Can't Stop Singing  (Coral ver.)
Classic Divas  (2007)
Classic Pop Hits 1  (Japan)
Cookin'  (London ver.; 2005)
Divas  (2005)
Driving Down Memory Lane  (2009)
Easy Listening Stars of the 50s & 60s - Vol 2  (1998)
El Renacimiento del Rock  (Mexico)
Encyclopaedia of Music - Best of 50s  (2004; Australia)
Family Favourites  (2003; UK)
50 Original Hits From the Fabulous 50s  (2004)
Fifty Timeless Recording Classics
50s Million Sellers  (2008)
50s Original Hits 1950-1951
Fifties Pop Party - Volume II
50s Summer Party  (2006, UK)
First Ladies of Swing  (2002)
For Sentimental Reasons
40 Jukebox Favorites  (2006)
Golden Greats  (1998)
Golden Greats of the 50s  (1999)
Golden Hits of 1950  (2003)
Grand Ladies of Entertainment  (2008)
Great Favourites of 1950   (2001)
Great Hits of the Fantastic 50s
Great Original Hits of the 50s and 60s   (1974)
Great Stars Great Memories
Great Stars Sing Their Greatest Songs  (1989)
Greatest Entertainers Greatest Voices  (2006)
Greatest Ever Memories   (2008)
Greatest Hits of the 50s
Greatest Hits of the 40s and 50s
Hands of Time  (Australia)
Happy Days Are Here Again
History of Pop Radio
Hit Parade  (2007)
Hit Parade of Famous Musical Styles
Hit Parade Volume One
Hits of '50
Hits of 1950 - Music Music Music
Hits of the 50s - On the Sentimental Side
Hits of the 50s - The Ultimate Collection  (2007, UK)
I Love Music (1950-1954)  (2004)
1950 Jamboree  (London ver.)
Jukebox Classics
Jukebox - Goodnight My Love  (2007; Australia)
Jukebox Hits  (2003 Disky box set)
Jukebox Hits  (Jukebox series; London ver.)
Jukebox Revival  (2006; UK)
Ladies of Song  (2004)
Leading Ladies  (1997)
Legendary Entertainers  (2002)
Let's Have Another One  (2008)
Magic Moments  (2004)
Magical Memories  (1976; Philips ver.)
Memories are Made of This - Great Stars of the 50s
Million Dollar Hits of the 50s and 60s   (1972)
Million Dollar Sellers Vol 1
Million Sellers of the 1950s  (2005)
More of the 50s Greatest Love Songs
Mother's Memories  (2003)
Music Music Music
Music Music Music - For the Fun of It
Music Music Music - The Great Entertainers Live  (1975; in medley)
Music Music Music - 20 Golden Memories  (2003)
100 Favorites of the Fifties   (2000)
100 Hits of the 50s   (2003)
100 Hits of the 50s   (2006)
1000 Original Hits 50-54   (2002)
Pop Radio (Популярная музыка)  (2005; Russia)
Pop Vocal Classics (1951-1966)
Popfile - Volume 2
Popular Music of the 1950s, Volume 1  (1987)
Queens of Jazz  (2007; Australia)
Radio Days  (2006)
Radio Hits From the 50s  (2004)
Remember the 50s - Volume 1
Remember the Good Times  (RCA ver.)
Remember the 1950s
Roundez-Vous of the Stars  (2006)
Sentimental Journey - 20 Hits from 1950  (2003)
Sentimental Journey - Volume 2  (1993; London ver.)
75 Golden Hits From the Romantic 50s  (2005; Coral ver.)
75 Million Selling Hits  (2006)
Sing and Dance to the Fabulous 50s  (2002)
16 Big Hits of the 50s
66 Grandes Exitos USA En España 1940-1953  (2004; Spain)
Songs for Grandad  (2006)
Stereo Showcase of Stars  (Coral ver.)
Thanks for the Memories
The All Time Favourites (Vol. 1)
The Best of the Great Girl Singers  (RCA ver.)
The Fabulous 50s  (2003)
The Fabulous 50s (1950)  (2005; UK)
The Fabulous Fifties  (2001; Coral ver.)
The Fabulous Fifties - Greatest Hits  (RCA ver.)
The Fabulous Fifties - 60 Original Classics
The Fabulous Fifties - Volume 1  (2004)
The Fabulous Years
The Fifties Complete
The Great Entertainers
The Great Fifties Collection Volume 2  (Australia)
The Great Ones  (RCA ver.)
The Great Standards  (Coral ver.)
The Greatest Hits of the Century  (Coral ver.)
The Greatest Recordings of the 1950s  (London ver.)
The Lady Loves Jazz  (2006; Netherlands)
The Melody Lingers On  (2005)
The Stars, The Hits  (2001)
The Sullivan Years  (1973, in medley)
The Very Best of the 50s  (2007; Australia)
The Way We Were in the 50s  (2005)
They Sold a Million  (2007)
They Sold a Million!  (2002)
Those Wonderful Years - Fever!  (1994; Philips ver.)
Too Young: Hits of the 50s  (2005)
Top Ten Collection: Greatest Hits of the Early 50s
Top 10 Hits of the 50s  (2007, UK)
Top 20 Hits of the 50s - Volume 1  (2003)
25 Early American Pop No. 1s  (2005)
25 Hits of the 50s
Twist and Shout  (1981; Poland)
Unforgettable Fifties  (London ver.)
Unforgettable Hits of the 50s  (2005)
Voices of Great Divas  (Germany)
We Believe in Toledo!  (1976)
You Must Remember This
Young at Heart  (2004)
Your Hit Parade  (Coral ver.)
Your Vintage Jukebox
RadioGuard Session - Teresa Brewer with Martin Block  (1965)
US Army Reserve - Teresa Brewer with Skitch Henderson  (1974; Rock)
US Army Reserve - Teresa Brewer with William B. Williams  (1976; Disco)
The Music Makers - Teresa Brewer with Skitch Henderson  (1982)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Dick Shepard  (1983)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1984)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1985)
The Music Makers - Teresa Brewer with Skitch Henderson  (1985)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1987)
The Great Sounds - Teresa Brewer with Ray Otis  (1990)
Weekend Edition  (1991; song excerpt only)
TV & VideoToast of the Town  (1950 TV)
Firehouse Five Plus 2  (1951 Film video)
Frank Fontaine Show: Showtime  (1951 TV)
Snader Telescriptions  (1951 Film video)
Ed Sullivan Show  (1956 TV; in medley)
American Bandstand  (1957 TV)
Ed Sullivan Show  (1958 TV)
Mike Douglas Show  (1973 TV; Rock)
Music Music Music  (1973 Music Video; Rock)
Dinah! The Dinah Shore Show  (1974 TV; in medley)
Mike Douglas Show  (1974 TV; in medley)
The Other Broadway: London's West End  (1975 TV)
Bobby Vinton Show  (1976 TV; Disco)
Muppet Show  (1977 TV; with the Muppets)
Sha Na Na  (1977 TV; Rock, with Sha Na Na)
Jukebox Awards  (1980 TV)
March of Dimes Telethon  (1981 TV, in medley)
Moments to Remember  (1981 TV, in medley)
Knees Up  (1984 TV)
A Royal Celebration: Forty Years of Peace  (1985 TV)
Unforgettable Performances  (1985 Video)
Jukebox Saturday Night  (1990 TV; in medley)
Big Band Years: The 48 Great Shows  (1990 Video)
Statler Brothers Show  (1993 TV)
Toast of the Town  (2002 Video)
TV's First Music Videos: The Snader Telescriptions  (2002 Video)
Sock Hop Rock Rarities  (2004 DVD, in medley)
Muppet Show - Complete Series  (2005 DVD; with the Muppets)
Muppet Show - Season 2  (2007 DVD; with the Muppets)
Sheet Music

Music Music Music  (1950)