Skinnie Minnie


Skinnie minnie, skinny minnie fishtail
Catch-a me tonight
Skinnie minnie, skinny minnie fishtail
Squeeze-a me tonight
Hey - skinnie minnie, skinny minnie fishtail
Come an' catch-a me
I'll knock knock knock upon the rock until you catch-a me

Big Manuel is a fisherman
He fish fish fish all-a time he can
He fish all night an' he fish all day
I think he's gonna fish his life away
One night so bright in his boat I hide
He row the boat on the ocean wide
An' then he stop at a great big rock
He sing this song an' he knock knock knock, hey


He knock knock knock on the rock like this
The mermaid fish, she come up to swish
She swish and sway for the fisherman
She like to catch him an' she know she can
The mermaid fish, she is oh so nice
She swish her tail an' roll her eyes
Manuel fish night an' day
He fish for skinnie minnie swish an' sway, hey


Tonight we buy all the fish we can
Tonight we fish like a fisherman
Tonight we row to the great big rock
We sing this song, an' then we knock knock knock...


Catch-a me, catch-a me, you catch-a me

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