Shoot It Again


I just lost my sweetie, now I'm feelin' mighty blue
Little Danny Cupid, all the fault belongs to you
When you shot your arrows I got hit right in my heart
But you missed my love and we're apart

You gotta shoot, shoot, shoot it again
Shoot that arrow again
You gotta keep on tryin' and then
Shoot, shoot, shoot it again

Ev'ry time he held me how the chills ran up my spine
Ev'ry night he'd tell me that his heart was truly mine
Now he's gone and left me, Danny Cupid, you're to blame
Get your bow and arrows, take your aim


Even though I lost him, Cupid, you can bring him back
How can he resist you when you start your love attack
Wedding bells will ring, we'll have a cottage just for two
Danny boy, it all depends on you


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