I'm the Lonesomest Gal in Town


If you read in the papers some day
That a poor gal has passed away
Don't shed a tear if you should hear
That gal was me, and if you see
My picture in the papers with a smile on my face
I was broken hearted, and that smile was out of place
If you like to save a poor gal from her grave
Just find me a man if you can

I'm the lonesomest gal in town
Everybody has thrown me down
I ain't got no angel child to call me dear
Got no honey man for me to huddle near
But I'm learnin' to roll my eyes
And someday you may be surprised
When I steal somebody's lovin' man
And kiss him with a smack
I'll hug him and I'll squeeze him
But I'll never give him back
Because I`m lonesome, so very lonesome,
Yes I'm the lonesomest gal in this here town.


I'm the lonesomest gal in town.

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