Crazy With Love


Crazy 'bout the the way you dress, ooh, baby
Crazy 'bout the way you smile
You're "A" number one, the best, mm honey
You make my life worthwhile

Crazy with love, well I'm crazy with love
Like fishy love the sea
Like birdie love the tree
Just gotta have you for me - mm

Many times I tell myself
Oh shucks it's just too good to be true
I pinch myself but it ain't no dream
Well baby it's really you


You set my heart to spinnin'
Like a whirly twirly top
Well, it's only the beginnin'
And I pray that it never will stop

Well baby I'm wild about the way you kiss
Oh, baby, you tingle me to my toes
Together we just can't miss, no, baby
The feelin' just grows and grows


Ooh, sugar
Ooh, sweetie
Ooh, baby
Ooh, ooh, ooh.

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