Original appearance:  Dec 1965
Hosted by Allen Ludden. Teresa and Darren McGavin were the celebrity guests for a week long series of weekday shows in Dec 1965. On Password, two contestants competed -- each paired with a celebrity partner that played the entire week. Host Allen Ludden gave one member of each team a "password," and using one-word clues only (proper nouns were accepted), it was the cluegiver's job to get his or her partner to guess the word for 10 points. If the 1st team didn't guess the word, the opposing team (who was allowed to "eavesdrop") could try to successfully communicate the word with a new clue (or sometimes even the same clue) for 9 points. Play alternated until the word was guessed with 1 point deducted for each clue or until all 10 clues were given at Ludden's discretion (if it was obvious the word would never be guessed) or if the cluegiver accidentally uttered part or all of the password.
  (TV Broadcast,  1965)

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