Muppet Show - Complete Series

Cotton Fields  (Season 2 / Disc 4)
Spinning Wheel  (Season 2 / Disc 4)
Music Music Music  (Season 2 / Disc 4)

Original DVD release: 2005
The Muppet Show, produced in the UK in the late 1970s, became one of the top syndicated comedies in TV history. After the success of the Muppets on Sesame Street, Jim Henson and his team created a new group of characters for the comedy show -- including Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Scooter, Beauregard, Rowlf the Dog, and The Electric Mayhem. Each show featured a celebrity guest star, who were typically either personal friends or favorites of Henson or his manager. The Muppet Show lasted for 5 years / 120 episodes, and this DVD box set includes the complete, unedited series on 20 DVDs. Teresa appears during the second season, Episode 46, in 1977. On Teresa's show, Miss Piggy goes on a diet so she can do a ballet number. Other sketches/songs include: Pigs In Space: The Awful Truth, Wild Thing, Gonzo does Shakespeare while hanging by his nose from a boa, At the Dance, Cheese Cake, Muppet Labs: Nose Warmer, At the Hop, and Spinning Wheel.

(DVD, 2005; 20-DVD set)

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